A Letter From Our CEO

As CEO of the Triple-I I have the distinct pleasure of working with–and on behalf of–our member companies deepen and broaden understanding of how insurance plays a vital role in the day-to-day lives of households, communities and the economy at large. And it’s an honor to lead our small but relentless and talented team in creating an organization that’s “member-centric” to the core.

We create real and lasting value in how we express the values that are at the very core of the Triple-I: Communicate, Collaborate and Build.

We communicate by creating proactive campaigns carried across the full spectrum of digital/social media and broadcast platforms. Our team is passionate about “seeing around corners” to spot and study coming trends and breakthroughs. And we’re deeply invested in refining and expanding our responsive communications tactics to educate the public about resilience and preparedness before during, and after natural catastrophes. We also pursue a fact-based strategy by engaging with the media wherever and whenever public discussions about insurance require a balanced, objective response.

We collaborate by forming partnerships with the likes of J.D. Power & Associates, FEMA, the Brookings Institution, Wharton Risk Center, and a growing network of non-resident scholars to stay at the forefront of thought leadership. Through these collaborations we produce studies that expand public knowledge and broadcast the insurance industry’s leadership as a trustee of the civic good.

And we are continually building the Triple-I to better serve our members. Since 2016, we’ve expanded our Research and Education department, to make our studies, reports, white papers, data visualizations and other resources more useful and accessible to consumers, the media, educational institutions and policymakers. The Daily newsletter has become a morning must-read for leaders and influencers inside and outside the industry. Our flagship publication, The Insurance Fact Book, has evolved into an on-demand digital product that’s continually updated with the latest data and insights. And in response to member demand, we’ve built the annual Joint Industry Forum into a leading summit for ideas and thought leadership for the insurance industry and beyond.

Membership in the Triple-I is an investment that will yield significant returns to your business as our industry goes through an unprecedented transition in the digital age. Please review this website to learn about the many benefits that an Triple-I membership delivers to organizations of all types and sizes. Also, we encourage you to reach out to us at any time to discuss ways for your organization to partner with us.


Sean Kevelighan
President & CEO

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